A selection of my favourite (and most useful) bits of the internet

David Harper.org
If you ever feel like employing me, then this is the place to look
. Actually, while I'm in the self-promotion mood, you might like to look at my pages on Myspace and Facebook

My brother... he does arty things... for arty people...

Telford's Warehouse
Bar/resteraunt/club in Chester. Much as I like Chapter and The Oakford, they're just not Telfords!

Comes with the (almost serious) warning that if, like me, you have a bad history when it comes to seeing cheap and interesting cars for sale and buying them without a nanosecond's thought of the consequences, it's probably best to give this one a miss....

And then there's all the other sites like this one, made by a selection of my friends and colleagues.
Mark Sandler has on-line cart machines (easily pleased, me)
Richard Firth
has photos of some rather strange looking santas
Adam Walton has a blog containing more swearing than a blue comedian who's stubbed his toe whilst simaltaneously getting a paper cut on his genitalia and rinsing it in vinegar...

...and they all have considerably more ability in the web-design stakes than I do